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Pekos ID

One place where you can find all technical documentation directly and easily using any smart device with immediate access to Pekos Valves Documentation Online site.

At Pekos Valves, we are focused on providing service and listening the needs from our clients, always working to update and improve the customer journey, where documentation and digitalization are currently a relevant matter. Pekos Valves ID, gives you instant access to thousands of technical documents like 2D drawings in .pdf and dwg also, 3D in .stp, Datasheets, Instruction Operation Manuals (IOM), Spare parts list and lay-out, all updated.

Pekos Valves ID helps plant operators or service technician with direct and immediate access to technical documentation when needed during any work at site, reducing searching time, carrying on documentation in paper for each valve for example. Further, 2D and 3D can be used for new projects while designing the new installations lay-out with real dimensions and designs.

You can also get in touch with us and requesting further details or information, quotation for spares or new valves. We are dedicated to get closer to our clients, empowering you with resources to maximize your work reliability, and safety of your operations. Your feedback and suggestions are so valuable to u,s as we aim to keep enhancing and improving this site to better serve you.